Everything we do is done with orderliness, accuracy and quality assurance. To us it is not a must, it is a matter of course! Needless to say we will make sure that your products are properly labeled and manufactured in accordance with current regulations. We are working with GMP as well as E-marking.




We want all of our products to be of the highest quality and safety. Therefore we follow and work according to GMP which stands for "Good Manufacturing Practice". GMP is a tool and a regulatory framework to ensure that manufacturing, including packaging of the products, is done in a way that meets the requirements for manufacturing cosmetic products. For example the hygienic requirements are high and full traceability is required. That we work according to GMP means that our process is carefully planned and always carried out in the same way for the same product. Everything with the puropse to ensure that you can always feel safe and secure in relation to your product.


The E-mark works as a "passport" with in the markets of the EU, additional controls are avoided as the EU has uniform rules on quantity content. Overfilling is avoided through systematic handling of the packaging process, which leads to economic benefits. The Swedish Statens Provningsanstalt (SP) assesses a company's ability to E-mark by reviewing relevant parts of the company's quality and self-monitoring system. In addition, a check of the efficiency of the system is made by random inspection of finished packages. After approved assessment, an agreement on supervisory control is signed, after which SP can issue a "driver's license" in the form of an e-marking certificate.