Scandinavian hair company

Your supplier of private label hair, skin and beard care products


Scandinavian Hair Company gilds the world with high-quality Swedish-produced products in hair, skin and beard care. We produce and develop brands for different customer groups and companies.

Our lab and our production facilities are located in Svedala just outside Malmö in Southern Sweden. Our products are globally represented in 28 markets and we work with both large and small companies.



To create hair, skin and beard products with a clear  sustainable profile at the right price. To be a Swedish leader in private label production.


To deliver high-quality hair, skin and beard care products to all types of customers, from thought to finished product.


- Hairdressers & Barber Shops
- Hotels & Spa Facilities
- Cosmetics chains
- E-commerce companies
- Wholesalers in hair and skin care products
- Sports clubs and events


We are working  according to "Good Manufacturing Practice" (Read more about GMP here) and with different types of  markings that guarantee high quality products. 



We have a strong focus on the environmental impact of  our work. 

In practice, this means that we try to consider the environment in everything we do and we are constantly trying to find solutions for our company that affect as little as possible - and we never consider our work  on environmental sustainability as "done".

One of the simplest and most effective measures is that we buy all of  our packaging and raw materials, that can be bought, in Europe. In this way, we avoid bottles and raw materials being transported by plane and boat all over the globe to the detriment of the environment.

We can offer most of our packaging in bioplastic or other degradable materials and we are happy to discuss which material is suitable your products - there are many different options.
Raw Materials

We also have a strong focus on the content of potentially environmentally harmful substances in the raw materials and contents that we use in our production. We stay constantly updated on development and research, and we are in close contact with our suppliers to keep track of developable and more sustainable alternatives to use. In addition, our production is planned to  reduce waste as much as possible.

Everyday Life

Of course we work according to GMP and follow all government regulations on how to run our production with the smallest environmental impact as possible.

At the factory, we simply try to consider the environment in our everyday lives. For example, we sort our waste, use cleaning agents that are as gentle as possible, work continuously to reduce the consumption of electricity and water and we buy renewable electricity. We have set up a charging post for hybrid/electric cars at our parking lot and consider the environment when we buy office supplies and the like. 

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