Manufacture of private label hair, beard and skin products is our focus.


We do one thing, and one thing only. We work with private label. That´s our focus and that´s what makes us really good. 

We are experienced with customers of all sizes - from the small salon, to creating products for the the event and to the large conceptual  launch of products of the global cosmetics chain. That makes us well equipped to create exactly the brand and the products you want to bring to the market. We will help you all the way, from thought to finished product, and further on to  innovations in the development of your brand.

Tailored hair, beard & skin products. The recipes are always unique for every customer.

A part of the uniqueness of Scandinavian Hair Company as your partner is that we tailor each product according to your wishes. This means that you always get your own exclusive product, both in terms of design and ingredients.

This is how we work

When we create your products we work by a quality assured process that is based on GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Read more about GMP here.
Each customer is unique, which is why each process and collaboration is unique, but the basic framework for the process is as follows.


Vår bredd och kunskap säkrar att vi kan hjälpa dig oavsett om du är ute efter produkter för hår, skägg eller hud.